December 22, 2005

Funny/Stupid Momentz 1..

DH: sumn sumn sumn...
MO: who me?
DH: no not you, fool!
MO: wh-wh-who you calling fool?!
DH: u fool!
MO: black!!
(Me, Dani and Steph on the retaliation)

AD: ok so the goal post [of netball court] is 3.09 m in tall.
*Me feeling mischievious*
MO: yea, and remember, it's .07 m in diameter too.. (lying by my teeth)
AD: what? what? she never gave us that!
MO: yes she did, we have it in our books..i wrote it down..
AD: really? alright let me remember that...goal post, diameter..0.7..diameter...0.7...diameter..0.7...
MO: retard! that's not in our books! i made it up!
AD: really?
MO: duh..u really think she'd give us measurement of that...?
AD: but u said u had it in ur book...
MO: i lied!
AD: ok..alright then..back to real studying...goal post..height..3.07m
MO: 3.09m
AD: Oh right...3.07 see what u did! u messed me up! alright, goal post..3.07 m.. ugh!!
(Me and Adisa on the phone..she's so dumb..)

AD: quiz - where was i born?
MO: uh..Boston, Massachussets?
AD: buz! wrong..Milwaukee
MO: oh yeah, Milwaukee, Texas!
AD: Milwaukee's not in Texas!
MO: i know..i was joking..
AD: Oh ok, anywho, yeah, then yea i was born in Milwaukee, Texas.
MO: Milwaukee's not in Texas.
AD: see! u messed me up again! Milwaukee...Milwaukee...Milwauke, Texas.
(Me and Adisa again, ahh...aren't i good? :D)

KB: yea we have someone who comes and helps us do washing..
MO: have a helper?
KB: nooo, we just have someone who comes and helps out wiht the washing, and cooking and cleaning etc..
MO: yea, a helper?
KB: nooo, just someone who comes and helps us do stuff.
MO: yea! a helper!
KB: no, she just comes sometimes to helps us do stuff...
(Me and "the bad man' [ya right] long timeago in summer)

WH: what's that big word for when ppl put out a fire again?
ANON: uh...extinguish?
WH: yea dat's it, forgot it for a second...
(Our English teacher Ms. Whit [!] during class)

ST: i didn't get leon anyhting
DH: yes u did, a watch
MO: that's what i said!
DH: yea...a watch, whole heap a credit....a feeling of pride..
(Me and Steph and Dani on the phone after reading Kev Ben's post)

ST: mo..i want to call him..
MO: so call him.
ST: but i can't..
MO: so don't call him.
ST: but i want to..
MO: so call.
ST: but i can't..
MO: so don't.
ST: but i want to...
MO: WTF? so call!! chu! *getting pissed*
ST: *laughing* but i can't HAHA..
(Me and Steph on the fone...her deading ova...hem hem..chu..)

more to come lata!


«ºSŧeрнǻиϊeº» said...

This is not funny!!!! lol lol lol lol

/~^~Adisa~^~\ said...

LOL, That wasn't funny, U really messed me up those 2 times man *recites birthplace repetitively*