May 19, 2006

The Boys of 2-4

i havent psted in a while... so the boys of 2-4 was a big hit, so we'reeee backkk...
Alright here's the colour code: orange is Monique, blue is Stephanie and pink is Adisa.

Keneil -
He's okay, cool to be around and funto hang with. A little sports obsessed however, but will do his part in a science project.
A good person i guess. a good friend, fun to be around, a bit too ambitious, in luv wit sports.
Hi Keneil! Hehe! Sports obsessed, but still good at it. You think u got it, but u got nooo idea. No hard feelings tho.. bye!

Kevaughn -
Well asides from THAT, he's an alright person. Good to talk to, easy tot alk to and criss etc. all the good stuff.
A really fun person to be around, a nice talker, good personality at times and is an all round alright person i guess.
He's alright still, but him run like a rabbit. Still need to learn how to treat ppl properly but other than that u alright. oh and u not gay

Leekem -
He's ok. him not smart as mr blackwood would like to believe, so he needs to get that notion out of his head. but him ok i guess.. perverted tho.
Um... um... um... oh him too damn attitudinal and him just... ye... leekem.
*cough cough* Leekem... hmph hmph.. *twitch twitch* u alright.

Dashawn -
He's alright, one of the actual good scabbies. easy to talk to.. a little too horny tho.. but i think we should all get over his complexion impediment.
Dashawn is a really nice person to talk to, actually one of thoemore decent scabbies, a little more burnt on the outside, but but.. he's coool. Dashawn's cool.
I got over your complexion after a year and a half, and actually

Nicoy -
Nicoy cool i guess. cares too much about what ppl say, however, and is too disgusting at times. Also, him need to stop cursing bad words. Funny tho.
Funny when him dissing ppl, not gay, should stop caring bout what the little ugly scabbies want to say and ye.. he's cool i guess..
Nicoy is nice, if you ppl would give him the time of day. Him funny but mean.

Javier -
Javier is ok. .
Piggy piggy piggy, what to say bout Piggy. Piggy's cool. Obsessed with football and just Piggy. And scabby till the day him die.
Javier can read! wahhhhh? Look like sum1 went on the treadmill and lost a few pounds.

Justin -
Don't really know him but he's alright i guess.
Oh God.
Umm... oh hi... um...

Emerson -
He's the TRUE definition of a scabby. He's weird, stupid and extremely horny. He's funny tho. But he has the moments where you can't help think thats he's gay. Like really. Or otherwise just loves to masturbate a little too much. Find a girl, and then maybe you'll change. But he's cool ish, sorta, maybe kinda, if i actually talked to him or if he would give me the time of day.
Emy emy.. Emerson is really funny, fun to be around, love to laugh at him, wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy too hornnnyyy, always telling me i must suck **** but then i say if i wont suck dashawn why would i do it to u? But he's realllly horny.
Mi tell u seh God waste the good eyes pon di worst ppl alredi, but otherwise Emerson alright when him not calling me a creature, a retard, an idiot, butt ugly.

Eric -
Eric's cool. Kinda weird at times but loves basketball, music (idonia i think) and girls hehe. Otherwise he's cool tho.
*Yawn* Yea.
Eric's a nice chap.

Jason -
Jason is cool when him not talking to ppl, funny, smart if he actually tried to do something but he's too lazy. He's good at cricket howver, so i guess that makes up for it. He can get disgusting at times, but otherwise a potential to be a gud boy.
Jason, he's cool and he's funny. Have a good personality when him not calling me battahead, and he's fun to be around, makes me laugh a whole heap.
Never a dull moment with Jason around. Him funny, but him annoy Monique hahahaha. Cricket MVP YAY! Him cyan nyam.

Vanwah -
Welll Vanwah is a good friend. Easy to talk to, nice and ting. I didnt even notice that i just started talking to him all of a sudden, but he;s nice. Cute too. Nice smile. Well sumtimes he takes his anger out on oda ppl.. but otherwise he's cool... Can dance tho..
Vanwah is a really nice person, reeally really pretty, easy to talk to, nice personality, a bit moody, but u gotta love Vanwah.
Me nah seh ntn bout Vanwah still... with sum slight modifications, he cud be a nice person, hem hem, manipulation. He's funny when he sings them what he calls songs lol. don't hate me!

Leon -
Leon is alright, cool, funny cute and contagious smile. Him eveer doing something stupid when i look at him, and he;s a little user too and developing to be like Ramsay (NOT A GUD THING!) but otherwise him cool.
Um, um, um, alright person, nice personality, laughs like a donkey, kinda conceited and in luv wit a whole heap of girls. Have a sexy body. And a really good friend, at times.
Leon alright beside the tiefin. Him eva a laugh like Stephanie. I live for the day when him teeth turn yellow. *HUM HUM*

O'neil -
He's cool. Funny and nosy, but nice and easy to talk to.

I don't really see him so I dont really have anything to say bout him, but im cool i guess.

Jonathan -
Jonathan cool, i really got to talking to him this year, and he;s real cool. Super hype and eva a do sumn crazy. Veryy funny and a nice guy tho. A bit too frank.
Johnny cool, crazy, he's alright to look at, have a nice personally. He's Johnny!
J0hnny fool, funny. Shall we dance? He's a cool guy.

Saied -
Just odd.

Ramsay -
User. Ugly inside and out.
Nee to change him personality, ugly on the inside. Scotch bright.. Rochelle (2-1 lol)
Ramsay fowl. Him just fowl.

Gavin -
Gavin is cool and nice. Funny and sweet. Etc :D
Gavin is a cool little dude, he can dance. *PPL killing ppl dying, childern hurting we hear them crying... where is the love?*
You can dance. Good guy.

Rouaj -
One of the better scabbies, crazy and cool, but could learn to treat ppl better.
Luv ya Shirley! Crazy sexy cool.
No comment at all.

Andre -
He's cool a nice guy and easy to talk to. Good friend when necessary. A bit to jovial at times, adn sometimes him get too moody.
Andre cool. Fun to talk to. Eva laughing. Always puts a smile on my face.
Andre funni, him alrite. Him nah talk 2 mi doe. I doe know y....

Jermaine -
Him cool.
Cookie monster!
Jermaine is nice. His dancing and running styles elude me, but thats about it.

Arthur -
Cool, funny, nice, cuteish, not so smart tho and gets annoying when him ever begging me for hw.. but otherwise he's cool. He's too perveted tho.
Little horny boy.
Arthur's ma nephew. Ma horny nephew.

Jared -
He's cool, funny, nice, smart, and a gud guy. cute and will be wetter when he gets taller. Gud friend tho. He's changed tho, he always used to curse bad words, just not as much. A little mini Jason.
Can't wait till you get taller. Rawr*
Jared should stop cussing and get taller.

April 1, 2006

I'm Sorry

okay.. well i'd like to aplogise to the following ppl:

Kevaughn - I'm sorry for writing that post about you and Jermaine. I didn't mean it. Really. It shouldn't have been written and you can hate me for it but I just want to say I'm sorry. I was just angry when I was writing it and never thought about anything. I didnt mean any of it and again I want to say I'm sorry :) Even though some of the stuff you do hurts me, I'm still sorry and even tho we'll nevr be friends again, i at least hope you can accept my apology.

Jermaine - I'm sorry for writing the stuff without even knowing you. Again, sorry.

Chanice - Sorry for saying all those stuff about you (even though you'll probably never read this). I'm glad we're still friends, and I'm really sorry for what I said.

Adisa - Sorry for calling you an idiot etc. and for being mean to you at times with my comments. I don't mean them, you know that. And you hurt me at times too...

Stephanie - I'm sorry for being a bad friend sometimes, and acting like I didn't care, when I really did, I was just in a bad mood. I'm really sorry :)

Sherraine - sorry for being mean to you sometimes.

that's all the bad stuff I can remember doing, if u remember any plz inform me. kk, thanks, and once again, sorry.

March 11, 2006

I give up

u know what, i'm done. really, i just give up. i try to pretend like i care and i just can't anymore.(all u ppl shud know what i mean by now) like seriously, i don't know what to do. apparently i "hurt" you and im sorry if i did. really i am, and im sorry to the toehr one too. but u dont understand how much u hurt me. it just seems like nowadays, everything is my fault. before, when i didnt do anything, it was my fault, and now, when i do something, it's still my fault, so i don't know what to do anymore. the amount of stuff u said about me, and the way u hurt me, and the one time i do anything about u ur all mad, it's like, ok then.... and i dont have a reason to be mad? and they say i dont talk to u, but u dont talk to me either, and it takes 2 ppl to have a conversation, so it isnt entirely my fault. but still, well w/e i know 2 wrongs dont make a right, so im just saying that i'm sorry, and i give up.

March 1, 2006


Thanks for the survey!

1. Name one thing in the world you really want right now. - Uh.. dinner.

2. What would you do with £100? - I dunno..porbably spend it all on Fifth Avenue.

3. What would you do with a million? - :O Buy a car, a house, a decked out entertainment and computer system.. buy out Fifth Avenue and Rodeo drive, and never work again.

4. What really annoys you? - Not knowing what to do.

5. What's a movie that you hate and why? - Uhm.. I don't really hate any movie..or just can't remember right now..

6. What's your dream job? - A job where I don't have to work, and make billions of dollars..or a fashion designer to celebrities or sumn..

7. Name a celebrity you would love to date? - Bow Wow

8. Name a celebrity who annoys the hell out of you? - Paris Hilton

9. List 2 bad points about yourself? - So many, so many..but.. I'm overweight and not good on the eyes either.

10. List 5 good points about yourself? - Uh..funny I guess, smart, easy to talk to, fun and a good friend i guess.

11. What's your favourite word? - Uh..

12. What's your all-time favourite meal? - Hm... ackee and saltfish and dumpling and banana and sweet potato.. lol real jamaican..

13. What's your favourite animal? - Hm.. i dunno.. dont have one..

14. What's the one thing you would change if you could turn back time? - lol hehe.. ever going into 1-4.. lol..jk i guess..

15. Which country would you most like to visit? - Italy

16. Where do you see yourself in ten years' time? - Uhm.. finishing university.. with my last degree I guess..

17. What would be the ideal punishment for your worst enemy? - lolol i dunno yet..

18. If you were a farmer, what animals would you most like to raise? - wtf? i would never be a farmer.. but i guess chickens.. (8)when you see sum chicken head say bw-bw-bwak bwak b-bwak(8)

19. What's your opinion of the colour purple? - It's depends on the shade..can be too dark, but good if complemented with light colours..

20. What would you change about yourself physically if you could? - lolol se number 9.

February 25, 2006


Portia won.

February 10, 2006

Long time

well, it's a long time since i actually pst on this thing dont... alright lemme sum up what's been going on...well, valentine's day almost coming up and, surprise surpirse..i dont have one *rolls eyes* as if anyone expected me to...anywho... so dani and domz break up.. after so long.. they got bored, well that's what they said, and him gone hook up with this girl jessica who goes academ and used to be in my class... and dani gon pon her georges flex wit *~DaLeY~* meli still luv her georges, stanley shaun and all the rest... anwyas..yea there was supposed to be sum sort of immac social today.. that supposed to flop lol dun kno only campion can have good anyways... so andre get all depressed now, for sum reason unknown... me and certain and certain ppl not talking, and vanwah stole the note with sumn.. lol that was funny... i kinda getting to li--- nevermind... anywho.. yea life iz alrite i guess....oh yeah, i ran standards and came 5th!!! :D 400 m, to long.... lol..i wanst gonna , cuz i had vball, but i just did it an done...oh, nad i didnt tell u from the long time..i came 1st in class! and guess what, a 96 average! when i saw it was i like omFG, a anywho... yea im bored now...i gonna try to do all my hw on a friday for once...anywho... o it true that ive actually changed? ppl keep telling me that im all quiet now... but i dont think i? ooo yeah... and why are alling u ppl coming to me and asking, are namdab and shan still 2geda? are him and kimberly dealing?!! i dont know! i dont even dani asked me today..plz find another source of ur well, i well bored now... not doing ntn but listening to musik and talkign to this girl alex who i used to go immac wid, but was in the grade above me...funny how we just start talking now after 3 yrs... well, i like XXXXXX ppl...i'll reveal that later (dont count the x's, i just put in any amount :P)... oh coffeee....LOLOL dat was funny.but i still dont think...well w/e not my buziness... oh yeah, we making up welcome to campion...and i'm sprung girls remix, well, that's only me, and speaking of which.. jr gong dominate again, and urban w/e...err...anywazziee i'm out for now, i'll update like this more later... :P

January 4, 2006


ok ya Meli...i stole this from you...:P

- Name: Monique Carole Arnold (sucky middle name huh?)
- Birth date: Jan 16, 1992 (buy me sumn...12 days..)
- Current Location: at my house, in the den (cpu room)
- Eye Color: Drak, dark, dark brown
- Hair Colour: Dark brown
- Height: Uh..i think 5'5..
- Right handed or Left handed: Right
- Heritage: Uh..Black..Jamaican...:S
- Weakness: Uh...lots of things... cute boys....sweetness...dunno...
- Biggest fear: Uh...being surrounded by lizards..yea they creepy..death i guess
- Your perfect pizza: Cheese, pepperonis and beef..
- Goal: pass 3rd
FACT 3: Your?
- Most overused phrase: Uh...uh..yea..uhm..ok then..
- Thoughts first waking up: Back to sleep!
- Best physical feature: UH...uh...get back to me on that...
- Usual bedtime: Uh...bout 10/11...if at school, if not 11/12/1..yea
- Most missed memory: huh? like a memory u had that u wish was still here? well i comment...:)
FACT 4: Preferences..?
- Pepsi or Coke: Hate both...but coke..pepsi is just dirty water..
-McDonald's or Burger King: Bk makes me throw up, but McD is oily...but..both! esp. BK for apple pie, and McD for wedges..
- Single or group dates: comment??
- Lipton Iced Tea or Nestle tea: Nestle
- Chocolate or vanilla: Depends..but vanilla
- Cappuccino or Latte: Cappuccino i gues...but french vanilla if anything!
FACT 5: Do you?
- Smoke: Nope
- Drink: Occasionally..
- Want to get married: Uhuh
- Believe in yourself: When I feel like it....
- Get motion sickness: No
- Think you're attractive: Nada
- Think you're a health freak: Nope..only sometimes...
- Get along with your parents: Nope
- Like thunderstorms: Nope
- Play an instrument: uh...recorder?
FACT 6: In the past month, you?
- Drank alcohol: Yea, New Year's Eve
- Gone on a date: Nada
- Gone to the mall:
- Eaten sushi: No
- Been on stage: No
- Gone skating: No
- Age you hope to be married: uh...if i get..probably 25-29
- Numbers and Names of Children(s): Haven't thought bout dat, but probably 2..dunno bout names..
- Describe your Dream Wedding: I'll get back to ya...
FACT 8: List the number of:
- People you trust : really trust? uh..
- Piercings: 2
- Tattoos: None..wana get some though :D
- Scars on my body: Uh..don't think i have any.. no, see 2
- Things in my past I wanna forget: Hehehe, wouldn't you like to know...summer '05
FACT 9: What..?
- Music are you listening to now: ironic..We Belong Together - Mariah Carey
- Time is it now: 8:17 pm.
- Your phone model: Sony Ericsson t100, i think..

-Things & ppl you treasure the most: Ma bestest friends, the true ones.. ma family, my "social butterfly" band (which my bro broke like an hour ago), ma computer, ma message little black book (don't ask :D), ma "other book"...and cell.

Basically, yea :D

If I

and oh yah...i'm going on a crash diet, so when we get back to school, if anyone sees me eat anything, or i'm with any food, hit me in the head really hard, then take the food and run away with it...oh and if i curse or say a bad word, just hit me in the head. :D

January 3, 2006


ok i'm like so bored.... no one's called me alllllll evening and i'm bored as ever. i don't have anything to do. seriously... i was so bored i listened to kareem's song liek 50 times on my headphones and wrote out the lyrics, no deme thinks i like him, but i dont so w/e...anywho i getting to not like some ppl... cuz of some stuff dem just not "appealing" to me anymore....hmm...i need a seriously..i'm so sad..listening to sad songs now...and, all the good guys are taken...oh eyah, they wouldnt want me anyways? thx, i forgot that part... anywho... yea i bored.. and domz still have me blocked!! oh soon start back... and danger zone, tha party... woo...yea... hmm... lataz...

uhm..ok then...huh?

ok i'm confused... i was just out eating my wendy's not online..and then i come home, and bam!

i'm checking everyone's blogs and apparently..

1. stephanie mad @ me for the comment i put on the who shud get 2geda post.. i dunno why...cuz i was gonna go sherraine and jermaine..not the ppl who i actually thought....

2. apparently what she told me wasnt true...and i blabbed, even though i told no one.. and ...yea

3. steph mad at sherraine...AGAIN..for some reason unbeknownst to me... and she not apologising for the post she put on her site bout her...if it is really about sher...cuz i ahevnt heard it from the source

4. tehn there's teh whole aliya + justin + alex + jessica + anthony + stephany tossed in with ashley thing demi told me...

so yea...i'm lost...this is like the same thing that happened one day in summer..i don't come online for one day..and BAM! stuff happens...i'm online the rest of the time..nothing... so okk :S...w/e

December 25, 2005


some ppl i think should get together already (excluding ppl who've already been together):

  • Andre and Chanice
  • Adisa and Rouaj
  • Andre and Stephanie
  • Stephanie and Leon *** (had to put it in)
  • Chanice and Leon
  • Jonathan and Sidjay
  • Sherraine and Aaron
  • Sherraine and Jermaine
  • Emerson and Sidjay
  • Rochelle and Arthur/Gavin
  • Jared and Melissa

so, it's xmas day (MERRY CHRISTMAS BY THE WAY! TO ALL THE PPL WHO I FORGOT TO WISH THAT 2! :D:D:D) and i'm like really bored, ntn on tv, already eat out the whole fridge and shit, so i decided to do this. that hows u how bored i am huh?

December 23, 2005

Funny/Stupid Momentz 2..

AW: Yyea so this plain looks nice...nice stout wings....
MO: stout adisa...u know anything that's stout doesn't work properly, i mean, look at sherraine... (Me and adisa on the phone when she was looking at airplanes to book a flight...ouch..sorry sher..)

MRB. : so as u can see children, we have to pay JPS for the electricity we use as well as the fuel they use.
(During Mr Blackwood math class when adisa get all sketallic, memba dani, cj and steph?)
so... yea i've been getting kinda depressed the last couple of days... yea.... cuz i realized something... that after everything... after all i've's all been in vain... i've tried to change myself... be a better person... someone ppl will actually like... i've tried not to listen to what ppl say about me... tried to pretend like i didn't care... but now i realize... none of the even matters... becuz everything's just the same as it was b4... even though there were some good weeks/months or w/e.... nothing's chnaged. people still see me as the same fat... ugly.. w/e... only good for smartness... w/e person... and even though i tried to act like i didn't care... like i don't care what ppl think about me, it's what i think about myself and all that crap... i realized that i do... and i know they say ur not supposed to care about what ppl say... but i do. i'll admit it, i may care too much... but still.... i mean... sometimes i just sit and think... like one of the last days of school b4 exams... i just sat and looked around... and watched everyone socializing and shit... and i realized for the first time... how lonely i was... there's no one in the class..or anyone i know for that matter...who i really and truly honestly can say that i feel totally 200% comfortable with...i mean i have best freinds... and really good frenz, and i luv them all, i have fun with them and can talk to them and stuff... but even they don't know everything.... and the thing is... what got me even more sad... is to know while everyone has someone they miss - steph misses leon, dani misses domz, or someone they love, who loves them back, and actually cares - i have no one to miss, or anyone who misses me,, or love, or care, becuz i have no one.... i thought i did...i thought wrong... i have no one.. no one even cares... or gives a damn about me... maybe i should leave... so there'll be more space on this earth...

December 22, 2005


i think i have a crush on........

Funny/Stupid Momentz 1..

DH: sumn sumn sumn...
MO: who me?
DH: no not you, fool!
MO: wh-wh-who you calling fool?!
DH: u fool!
MO: black!!
(Me, Dani and Steph on the retaliation)

AD: ok so the goal post [of netball court] is 3.09 m in tall.
*Me feeling mischievious*
MO: yea, and remember, it's .07 m in diameter too.. (lying by my teeth)
AD: what? what? she never gave us that!
MO: yes she did, we have it in our books..i wrote it down..
AD: really? alright let me remember that...goal post, diameter..0.7..diameter...0.7...diameter..0.7...
MO: retard! that's not in our books! i made it up!
AD: really?
MO: duh..u really think she'd give us measurement of that...?
AD: but u said u had it in ur book...
MO: i lied!
AD: ok..alright then..back to real studying...goal post..height..3.07m
MO: 3.09m
AD: Oh right...3.07 see what u did! u messed me up! alright, goal post..3.07 m.. ugh!!
(Me and Adisa on the phone..she's so dumb..)

AD: quiz - where was i born?
MO: uh..Boston, Massachussets?
AD: buz! wrong..Milwaukee
MO: oh yeah, Milwaukee, Texas!
AD: Milwaukee's not in Texas!
MO: i know..i was joking..
AD: Oh ok, anywho, yeah, then yea i was born in Milwaukee, Texas.
MO: Milwaukee's not in Texas.
AD: see! u messed me up again! Milwaukee...Milwaukee...Milwauke, Texas.
(Me and Adisa again, ahh...aren't i good? :D)

KB: yea we have someone who comes and helps us do washing..
MO: have a helper?
KB: nooo, we just have someone who comes and helps out wiht the washing, and cooking and cleaning etc..
MO: yea, a helper?
KB: nooo, just someone who comes and helps us do stuff.
MO: yea! a helper!
KB: no, she just comes sometimes to helps us do stuff...
(Me and "the bad man' [ya right] long timeago in summer)

WH: what's that big word for when ppl put out a fire again?
ANON: uh...extinguish?
WH: yea dat's it, forgot it for a second...
(Our English teacher Ms. Whit [!] during class)

ST: i didn't get leon anyhting
DH: yes u did, a watch
MO: that's what i said!
DH: yea...a watch, whole heap a credit....a feeling of pride..
(Me and Steph and Dani on the phone after reading Kev Ben's post)

ST: mo..i want to call him..
MO: so call him.
ST: but i can't..
MO: so don't call him.
ST: but i want to..
MO: so call.
ST: but i can't..
MO: so don't.
ST: but i want to...
MO: WTF? so call!! chu! *getting pissed*
ST: *laughing* but i can't HAHA..
(Me and Steph on the fone...her deading ova...hem hem..chu..)

more to come lata!

December 17, 2005


-nam_dab or whatver the hell your named! listen up and listen up well. or read well, whatver. we had to take wiseman (i know) in the summer, then another anonymous person just a few weeks ago, now you! this is not happening again! now if u r who i think u r, and i know who u r, you'll tell us who u r b4 we have to deal with u. yea!!!!!


**reupdated**well, after a long stressful week of exams, we finally have holidays!! woo, i know right? well, the last day of school was fun.

it was the last three exams, geo, science and math 2, which were all really easy. our geo invigulator was funny, really funny. we had mr simpson (aka. mr pimpson) for math 2. he was alright. at the end of the session, everyone was getting restless, and he was taking extremely long to collect the papers. i looked across the class and could see jason getting ready to go through with my plan (tearing and throwing up 10 pieces of folder paper) at the end, but i motioned for him not to do it yet. anywho, mr simpson finally collected all the papers, and the bell rang and we tore and threw up the paper, while he was still in there. he was all like "have fun" so we did.

it was fun, we had a paper fight and everything. then there was all the singing, then a big group hug, where i got stepped on the foot like 10 times. but it was still fun. i was planning to go to wendy's after, so i was getting ready to leave and steph was gonna come with me, and i was out, when all of a sudden when passing by 2-2 i see mrs. campbell say to all those students to get back in their class and clean it up, cuz it was filthy. realizing that our class was 5 times messier than that, everyone in my class runs out. seriously, it was a stampede. even if i didn't wnat to run, i had to, because i was in front of everyone, and they just pushed me forward. we went down the stairs and then turned onto the second floor, when another teacher came, so we ran all the way down. it was soo funny. lmao.

anywho, me and steph were walking to the back gate to leave, and we were walking with the scabbys. we reached the gate and i found out we had to walk all the way around to get back to school. so i said okay. anywho, we left and were a walking with the scabbys and then they were walking the same place as we were. then i started laughing at rouaj and emerson and then steph started talking to big bird and his friend (jermaine and kev), so i walked faster and beside andre, who was bobbing and weaving in the road, cuz, anywho, they left and started walking the other side of the road. i dunno where they were going, bcuz i thought they were going to the bus stop..i guess not.

well then me and steph went to wendys and back and we had to walk alll the way through the front gate. let me just say, it was the longes walk of my life. seriously. esp becuz i had 2 bags and and tray of soda in my had, and had to walk to properly across the street. in my mind of was plotting and not planning to walk all the way back to the back gate to give adisa her food, so if she wasn't at the front, her food was mine. luckily for her, she was there, so she got her food safe and sound. anyway we were eating by the 5th form benches and eating and leekem was begging food, when i found out that not only were 2-3 and 2-1 having a class party, but also 2-6 and 2-2. and, 2-3 was having it in our classroom! the nerve of them! anywho, we ate, and i bought a cookie :D:D which tasted good! i'm gonna go back just to buy 10 cookies!

anywho, after we finished eating, and adisa left, it was me dan, sid , and steph. oh yea, sher was there too. kinda forgot, even though she's hard to miss, if u catch my drift :P:P LOL jk. anywho, yea so i was taking pics of sid and dan and sher, and danielle with her little prno pics on the tree. not with the tree, on the tree. lol. and then we took pics with darve, cuz it was the last time we were gonna see him. anywho, we took the pics, and soon after, i left.

all in all, it was a fun day. last day of school wasn't the best, but it was alright. as i have heard, whole heap of stuff went on after i left. just ask dani lol ;). apparently, dani bit domz and made him bleed. and someone got kissed. hmm...

i think i left my folder paper at school. oh well. comment people.

December 3, 2005

Ok, so I know I haven't posted in a while, so here's all the stuff you missed:

1. Jared party did haaad. The dancing was good. Organized and shit. People came out all dressed and shit. Holung looked nice, so did Sherraine and Sidjay. Mark-Shawyna looked sooo nice though, decked in all good, which was shocking. Ramsay and Dani brought the hype. It was fun.

2. Steph whined on Kevaughn at Jared party.

3. Me and it broke up. (old)

4. It has a new girlfriend.

5. Holung and Coolie togeteha (old, but never updated).

6. Immacualte Fair was cool, I went today, and it was fun. Hung out with Meli and Nicki.

7. The Melissa drama has unfolded. Love... Square = Shaun + Melissa + Stanley + Lisa.

8. Melissa whined on and kissed Stanley at Wolmaz BBQ while she was still with Shaun.

9. Meli and Stan got togetha and he said he'd dump his gf, Lisa for her.

10. Apparently after this, Lisa was with this guy Jake, who she broke up with.

11. I finally saw Lisa, Daley, Stanley, Rico and Jordan W in person. Jordan's nice, Rico and Stanley look better in pics, and Daley and Rico are kool.

12. I met Domz's ex girlfriend Kristen. She seems nice.

13. Exams in two weeks. No!!!

14. Also at the fiar: music was hype, dancing was wicked, guys were cute, saw all my old Immac friends, i even made friends with those i was never friends with, including some first and third formers, and made some new ones, including Candice (who I met b4 at lapathon), Dominick (diff one), Jordan etc.

15. Oh yeah, even though its old, I never updated that we have a new boy in our class, Nicoy.

16. Vanwah and Kaydene deh. (duhhh)

17. Top 5 girls in the class (by survey done on friday, not in order): Danielle, Dellie Ann, Chantelle, uhm...don't remeber the rest... I think Chanice and Mark-Shawyna. Not sure.

18. Oh yeah, Campion social long time ago (like Nov) was haaad. People did whine. Steph and Keniel, Dani and some dudes, lol, etc.

19. I found out Candice was with Crosskill (or so they say).

Yeah, I guess that's it for now. Comment please.

October 11, 2005


First of all, I'm sorry I've neglected you blog. I meant to type a post yesterday, but couldn't bother. I promise to update more from now on. It's been 10 months I have this blog...Soon a one year anniversary! Oh, I have big news to tell you. But I'll save that for last.

Anyways, it's almost midterm and stuff a gwan at school. Hmph, well, since last weekI've been finding out that lots of people dealing. First Amanda, who dealing with .... and b4 she was dealing with ..... and I thought she was with Brent b4, but she wasn't. Then, I found out Ker was supposedly with this Phillip guy. Dunno bout that. But the Phillip I know, him with .... well, It's still under wraps, but anyways... Stephanie, who just broke up with Leon I heard, for like the tenth time...but still. And lastly, Jessica, whom I found out a couple hours ago, after having to practically beat it out of her. But, can't tell u. She made me promise not to tell. :(;P

But, probably the most shocking is the one.......OH DAMN. Sorry, I can't tell you. Well, not as much shocking as it is on even knew they liked each other. But trust me, I'll tell you eventually. Let's just say, it's someone who has a blog, and the other person is someone who you can forever see all over hi5. So, I'll leave that to your imagination.

Anyways, my life is good. I'm still getting good grades and suprisingly, this year ppl have become to flirt with me more, which is what I wanted, but is still odd. Like Andre saying he wanted to have 10 babies for Ye. Other than that, everything's pretty much cool. But second form is a killer, too many stairs! And the classroom isn't even cozy, when it rains it's really fun, but wet like hell! No one hangs out in there. Like in first form, ppl were in 1-4 until like 4:30, now, u can't catch ppl in the class past 3:30 unless some things going on...hem..hem...

And oh! I got a piczo! It's so cute, it's kinda been the reason i've neglected Manosalobra! ;(Here's the link, go and sign the guestbook:

Well, I think I'm gonna wrap this up now. Oh. what do u say? The big news??? Ok. Here goes.


I'm dealing with someone too.

Lata. Comments. I wanna see comments.

September 23, 2005

wow, haven't updated in a while. well, it's been 3 weeks of school. it's alright, not too ahrd yet.

um, life's ok. hang out with friends, flirt with boys, it's all good.

well, it's 10:44 and i'm tired, i was watching dark water, but too tired. i'm gonna go to bed. update properly 2morrow.