March 1, 2006


Thanks for the survey!

1. Name one thing in the world you really want right now. - Uh.. dinner.

2. What would you do with £100? - I dunno..porbably spend it all on Fifth Avenue.

3. What would you do with a million? - :O Buy a car, a house, a decked out entertainment and computer system.. buy out Fifth Avenue and Rodeo drive, and never work again.

4. What really annoys you? - Not knowing what to do.

5. What's a movie that you hate and why? - Uhm.. I don't really hate any movie..or just can't remember right now..

6. What's your dream job? - A job where I don't have to work, and make billions of dollars..or a fashion designer to celebrities or sumn..

7. Name a celebrity you would love to date? - Bow Wow

8. Name a celebrity who annoys the hell out of you? - Paris Hilton

9. List 2 bad points about yourself? - So many, so many..but.. I'm overweight and not good on the eyes either.

10. List 5 good points about yourself? - Uh..funny I guess, smart, easy to talk to, fun and a good friend i guess.

11. What's your favourite word? - Uh..

12. What's your all-time favourite meal? - Hm... ackee and saltfish and dumpling and banana and sweet potato.. lol real jamaican..

13. What's your favourite animal? - Hm.. i dunno.. dont have one..

14. What's the one thing you would change if you could turn back time? - lol hehe.. ever going into 1-4.. lol..jk i guess..

15. Which country would you most like to visit? - Italy

16. Where do you see yourself in ten years' time? - Uhm.. finishing university.. with my last degree I guess..

17. What would be the ideal punishment for your worst enemy? - lolol i dunno yet..

18. If you were a farmer, what animals would you most like to raise? - wtf? i would never be a farmer.. but i guess chickens.. (8)when you see sum chicken head say bw-bw-bwak bwak b-bwak(8)

19. What's your opinion of the colour purple? - It's depends on the shade..can be too dark, but good if complemented with light colours..

20. What would you change about yourself physically if you could? - lolol se number 9.

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