January 4, 2006


ok ya Meli...i stole this from you...:P

- Name: Monique Carole Arnold (sucky middle name huh?)
- Birth date: Jan 16, 1992 (buy me sumn...12 days..)
- Current Location: at my house, in the den (cpu room)
- Eye Color: Drak, dark, dark brown
- Hair Colour: Dark brown
- Height: Uh..i think 5'5..
- Right handed or Left handed: Right
- Heritage: Uh..Black..Jamaican...:S
- Weakness: Uh...lots of things... cute boys....sweetness...dunno...
- Biggest fear: Uh...being surrounded by lizards..yea they creepy..death i guess
- Your perfect pizza: Cheese, pepperonis and beef..
- Goal: uh...to pass 3rd form..lol...
FACT 3: Your?
- Most overused phrase: Uh...uh..yea..uhm..ok then..
- Thoughts first waking up: Back to sleep!
- Best physical feature: UH...uh...get back to me on that...
- Usual bedtime: Uh...bout 10/11...if at school, if not 11/12/1..yea
- Most missed memory: huh? like a memory u had that u wish was still here? well i guess...no comment...:)
FACT 4: Preferences..?
- Pepsi or Coke: Hate both...but coke..pepsi is just dirty water..
-McDonald's or Burger King: Bk makes me throw up, but McD is oily...but..both! esp. BK for apple pie, and McD for wedges..
- Single or group dates: Uh...no comment??
- Lipton Iced Tea or Nestle tea: Nestle
- Chocolate or vanilla: Depends..but vanilla
- Cappuccino or Latte: Cappuccino i gues...but french vanilla if anything!
FACT 5: Do you?
- Smoke: Nope
- Drink: Occasionally..
- Want to get married: Uhuh
- Believe in yourself: When I feel like it....
- Get motion sickness: No
- Think you're attractive: Nada
- Think you're a health freak: Nope..only sometimes...
- Get along with your parents: Nope
- Like thunderstorms: Nope
- Play an instrument: uh...recorder?
FACT 6: In the past month, you?
- Drank alcohol: Yea, New Year's Eve
- Gone on a date: Nada
- Gone to the mall: Uh..no
- Eaten sushi: No
- Been on stage: No
- Gone skating: No
- Age you hope to be married: uh...if i get..probably 25-29
- Numbers and Names of Children(s): Haven't thought bout dat, but probably 2..dunno bout names..
- Describe your Dream Wedding: I'll get back to ya...
FACT 8: List the number of:
- People you trust : uh...like really trust? uh..
- Piercings: 2
- Tattoos: None..wana get some though :D
- Scars on my body: Uh..don't think i have any.. no, see 2 there...lol...
- Things in my past I wanna forget: Hehehe, wouldn't you like to know...summer '05
FACT 9: What..?
- Music are you listening to now: ironic..We Belong Together - Mariah Carey
- Time is it now: 8:17 pm.
- Your phone model: Sony Ericsson t100, i think..

-Things & ppl you treasure the most: Ma bestest friends, the true ones.. ma family, my "social butterfly" band (which my bro broke like an hour ago), ma computer, ma message history..lol..ma little black book (don't ask :D), ma "other book"...and yea...ma cell.

Basically, yea :D


«ºSŧeрнǻиϊeº» said...

lololololololol - ur whore lololololololooololololol - ur whore

Anonymous said...

HAHA!! lolerz yups u stole from me!! Hee hee lol!

Anonymous said...

How a ppl luv copy an paste...