May 19, 2006

The Boys of 2-4

i havent psted in a while... so the boys of 2-4 was a big hit, so we'reeee backkk...
Alright here's the colour code: orange is Monique, blue is Stephanie and pink is Adisa.

Keneil -
He's okay, cool to be around and funto hang with. A little sports obsessed however, but will do his part in a science project.
A good person i guess. a good friend, fun to be around, a bit too ambitious, in luv wit sports.
Hi Keneil! Hehe! Sports obsessed, but still good at it. You think u got it, but u got nooo idea. No hard feelings tho.. bye!

Kevaughn -
Well asides from THAT, he's an alright person. Good to talk to, easy tot alk to and criss etc. all the good stuff.
A really fun person to be around, a nice talker, good personality at times and is an all round alright person i guess.
He's alright still, but him run like a rabbit. Still need to learn how to treat ppl properly but other than that u alright. oh and u not gay

Leekem -
He's ok. him not smart as mr blackwood would like to believe, so he needs to get that notion out of his head. but him ok i guess.. perverted tho.
Um... um... um... oh him too damn attitudinal and him just... ye... leekem.
*cough cough* Leekem... hmph hmph.. *twitch twitch* u alright.

Dashawn -
He's alright, one of the actual good scabbies. easy to talk to.. a little too horny tho.. but i think we should all get over his complexion impediment.
Dashawn is a really nice person to talk to, actually one of thoemore decent scabbies, a little more burnt on the outside, but but.. he's coool. Dashawn's cool.
I got over your complexion after a year and a half, and actually

Nicoy -
Nicoy cool i guess. cares too much about what ppl say, however, and is too disgusting at times. Also, him need to stop cursing bad words. Funny tho.
Funny when him dissing ppl, not gay, should stop caring bout what the little ugly scabbies want to say and ye.. he's cool i guess..
Nicoy is nice, if you ppl would give him the time of day. Him funny but mean.

Javier -
Javier is ok. .
Piggy piggy piggy, what to say bout Piggy. Piggy's cool. Obsessed with football and just Piggy. And scabby till the day him die.
Javier can read! wahhhhh? Look like sum1 went on the treadmill and lost a few pounds.

Justin -
Don't really know him but he's alright i guess.
Oh God.
Umm... oh hi... um...

Emerson -
He's the TRUE definition of a scabby. He's weird, stupid and extremely horny. He's funny tho. But he has the moments where you can't help think thats he's gay. Like really. Or otherwise just loves to masturbate a little too much. Find a girl, and then maybe you'll change. But he's cool ish, sorta, maybe kinda, if i actually talked to him or if he would give me the time of day.
Emy emy.. Emerson is really funny, fun to be around, love to laugh at him, wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy too hornnnyyy, always telling me i must suck **** but then i say if i wont suck dashawn why would i do it to u? But he's realllly horny.
Mi tell u seh God waste the good eyes pon di worst ppl alredi, but otherwise Emerson alright when him not calling me a creature, a retard, an idiot, butt ugly.

Eric -
Eric's cool. Kinda weird at times but loves basketball, music (idonia i think) and girls hehe. Otherwise he's cool tho.
*Yawn* Yea.
Eric's a nice chap.

Jason -
Jason is cool when him not talking to ppl, funny, smart if he actually tried to do something but he's too lazy. He's good at cricket howver, so i guess that makes up for it. He can get disgusting at times, but otherwise a potential to be a gud boy.
Jason, he's cool and he's funny. Have a good personality when him not calling me battahead, and he's fun to be around, makes me laugh a whole heap.
Never a dull moment with Jason around. Him funny, but him annoy Monique hahahaha. Cricket MVP YAY! Him cyan nyam.

Vanwah -
Welll Vanwah is a good friend. Easy to talk to, nice and ting. I didnt even notice that i just started talking to him all of a sudden, but he;s nice. Cute too. Nice smile. Well sumtimes he takes his anger out on oda ppl.. but otherwise he's cool... Can dance tho..
Vanwah is a really nice person, reeally really pretty, easy to talk to, nice personality, a bit moody, but u gotta love Vanwah.
Me nah seh ntn bout Vanwah still... with sum slight modifications, he cud be a nice person, hem hem, manipulation. He's funny when he sings them what he calls songs lol. don't hate me!

Leon -
Leon is alright, cool, funny cute and contagious smile. Him eveer doing something stupid when i look at him, and he;s a little user too and developing to be like Ramsay (NOT A GUD THING!) but otherwise him cool.
Um, um, um, alright person, nice personality, laughs like a donkey, kinda conceited and in luv wit a whole heap of girls. Have a sexy body. And a really good friend, at times.
Leon alright beside the tiefin. Him eva a laugh like Stephanie. I live for the day when him teeth turn yellow. *HUM HUM*

O'neil -
He's cool. Funny and nosy, but nice and easy to talk to.

I don't really see him so I dont really have anything to say bout him, but im cool i guess.

Jonathan -
Jonathan cool, i really got to talking to him this year, and he;s real cool. Super hype and eva a do sumn crazy. Veryy funny and a nice guy tho. A bit too frank.
Johnny cool, crazy, he's alright to look at, have a nice personally. He's Johnny!
J0hnny fool, funny. Shall we dance? He's a cool guy.

Saied -
Just odd.

Ramsay -
User. Ugly inside and out.
Nee to change him personality, ugly on the inside. Scotch bright.. Rochelle (2-1 lol)
Ramsay fowl. Him just fowl.

Gavin -
Gavin is cool and nice. Funny and sweet. Etc :D
Gavin is a cool little dude, he can dance. *PPL killing ppl dying, childern hurting we hear them crying... where is the love?*
You can dance. Good guy.

Rouaj -
One of the better scabbies, crazy and cool, but could learn to treat ppl better.
Luv ya Shirley! Crazy sexy cool.
No comment at all.

Andre -
He's cool a nice guy and easy to talk to. Good friend when necessary. A bit to jovial at times, adn sometimes him get too moody.
Andre cool. Fun to talk to. Eva laughing. Always puts a smile on my face.
Andre funni, him alrite. Him nah talk 2 mi doe. I doe know y....

Jermaine -
Him cool.
Cookie monster!
Jermaine is nice. His dancing and running styles elude me, but thats about it.

Arthur -
Cool, funny, nice, cuteish, not so smart tho and gets annoying when him ever begging me for hw.. but otherwise he's cool. He's too perveted tho.
Little horny boy.
Arthur's ma nephew. Ma horny nephew.

Jared -
He's cool, funny, nice, smart, and a gud guy. cute and will be wetter when he gets taller. Gud friend tho. He's changed tho, he always used to curse bad words, just not as much. A little mini Jason.
Can't wait till you get taller. Rawr*
Jared should stop cussing and get taller.

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Melzi-Boo said...

Bway oh bway... Mi tell ya dem boyz yah! Dem hafi get anda ting lyk dis! Mek ppl think seh dem a celebrity or sumn. Riite. Put oda pplz!!! Lyk GEORGES BOIZ!!! LOL!! Dat we kno...